VetdRounds (a buying round) let you quickly compare top products and make a confident decision
How a VetdRound works
Select a Product or Category to officially kickoff a VetdRound. Enter your requirements and the problems are you looking to solve 
Enter Your Requirements and the problem(s) you are looking to solve 
Vetd Recommends the top vendors that meet your needs enters responses based on your requirements into your VetdRound for review. The options are selected based on your requirements and their fit within the market. (Some categories have over 100 options that we review) *This process can take a few days if we are evaluating a brand new category* 
Review and Collaborate with your team on the options by commenting, asking questions on responses, requesting more informatin disqualifying, etc. Finalize down to your top choice(s) and get on a call or demo as needed.
Select a Winner!  Use the new product and go back to focusing on your job!
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*Note* Vetd reaches out to vendors on your behalf in order to get them to participate. Occasionally they will try to email or call you directly. In this case, simply forward Vetd the email or let them know to contact Vetd with any questions.

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