Vetd PrePosals

PrePosals (Vetd's form of a pre-proposal) let you understand if a vendor is a fit for your business in less than a minute
What is in a PrePosal
Preposals are made up of three key pieces of information:
Product Description - A brief description about the product
PrePosal Pitch - The vendor's pitch on why you should work with them
Pricing Estimate - An estimate from the vendor on how much you can expect to pay
Vetd Preposal | Vetd
What Can I Do With a PrePosal
Vetd gives buyers multiple options on how to move forward if they find a PrePosal interesting.  This includes kicking off a VetdRound, asking the vendor a  question, or even setting up a call.  Buyers can also review additional information if a vendor has completed their Product Profile.  If not, a buyer can request that the vendor completes theirs as well.
How Do I Receive PrePosals
Forward Emails
Forward any vendor outreach that you receive to Vetd and we'll get a PrePosal for you.  Vetd also makes sure the vendor doesn't reach out again!
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