Focus on your best prospects by streamlining the buying process

Help buyers understand if your offering is right for them by providing them a custom PrePosal. PrePosals provide buyers with a description of your offering, pitch, and a pricing estimate. If a buyer has questions or would like to learn more, they can do so directly through the Vetd app
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 When a buyer is ready to buy, we’ll let you know what they are looking for including theirs goals, product requirements, budget, and timeline

Note: Leads are only available to vendors that have been Vetd
How much does Vetd cost?
Vetd is currently free for all vendors
How do I Get Vetd?
Learn more on our Get Vetd page
Does it cost anything to Get Vetd and be live on the platform?
No!  For the time being we are keeping it free for all vendors to go live on our platform and to Get Vetd
Our pricing model is custom, how do you recommend we provide pricing?
You aren’t alone!  A lot of our vendors have custom pricing, in this case it is best to provide a range or estimate
Can I send PrePosals to other buyers that use Vetd?

Yes, but it is a custom and paid option. Please reach out to if you want to explore this option

Other questions?  Reach out at

Get Started With Vetd Today

Get Started With Vetd Today