About Vetd

About Vetd

Vetd was created to make the buying process easier for everyone
Despite the increase in the number of vendors and technologies in the marketplace, at most companies there isn’t someone dedicated to making buying decisions.  So this responsibility falls on someone (marketer, sales director, engineer, you name it) who already has a full-time job to deal with. That person doesn’t have time to read the latest research or go through multiple demos, instead they attempt to make the best decision in as little time as possible.

This often leads to less than perfect decisions and wasted potential for both the buyer and the vendor. We came up with Vetd after experiencing the above frustration multiple times ourselves.  We knew there had to be a better way and thus Vetd was born. Our ultimate goal is to make every stage of the buying process easier for both buyers and vendors.  We look forward to helping you, no matter your current role!

The Vetd Team

Vetd Team

Andrew Hoagland
CEO & Co-Founder
Bill Piel
CTO & Co-Founder
Zach Shapiro
COO & Co-Founder